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FOX News
Apr 25, 2010 7:00pm EDT
memorial in west virginia. details straight ahead. i'm harris falkner in tonight for julie banderas, this is fox report. mississippi's governor calls it a scene of utter obliteration. >> it's destroying my home, it destroyed my home. >> buildings, churches, entire neighborhoods torn to pieces, after a powerful twister slams the region. but people in mississippi were not the only victims of nature's wrath. >> i looked and the rain just swirling side ways, you know? and big clump of leaves and stuff started falling. >> and crying because we built the house and you know, and all the trees we put in, you know, it's hard to see it all destroyed. >> tonight, everywhere else strong tornados struck and a live update from one of the hardest hit areas. >> plus, hundreds gathering in west virginia. remembering the workers killed in one of the nation's worst mining disasters in decades. >> we cannot bring back 29 men we lost. they're with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. >> first, breaking news, officials say a man tried to impersona
FOX News
Apr 10, 2010 7:00pm EDT
virginia mining town. crews discover the bodies of four missing workers, ending a desperate nearly week-long search for survivors. and deadliest u.s. mining disaster in decades. >> lot of times you don't think about it. we're part of one big family pretty much. >> first to the tragic plane crash, polish president lech kaczynski and his wife both dead as well as many of the country's top military and civilian leaders. officials have recovered the president's body and the plane's black box. and as you can see, much of that plane destroyed in the crash. no one on board survived, in all 97 people dead according to officials. it's a staggering blow to the polish government. the other victims, include poland's army chief of staff, the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the national security office, deputy parliament speaker, civil rights commissioner and at least two presidential aides and three lawmakers. their plane went down in western russia near the city of smololensk, the pilot was trying to land in thick fog and 26-year-old soviet airplane. today p
FOX News
Apr 24, 2010 7:00pm EDT
to be at a memorial service at some time so for the people that died in virginia from the mine explosion. what are we learning about that? >> he is going to west virginia to celebrate the 29 lives that were lost. here he'll meet privately with family members and deliver the eulogy. he will not dwell on the poor state of mine safety in the country. he believes the disaster was a failure of management. he said also it was a failure, quote, of oversight and laws written with loopholes they allowed unsafe conditions to continue. president ordered inspectors to check out other mines with poor safety records and review how the health and safety administration operates. >>> thank you so much. >> a whole lot of attention on e-mails by a senate committee investigating the financial meltdown. top executives at goldman sacks claim their firnlt made money from the housing collapse. that they profit, at least for a time, from betting those packaged bundles would lose value. the ceo saying in one e-mail dated from november, 2007. of course we lost money, but then we made more than we lost because of shorts. shorts
FOX News
Apr 11, 2010 3:00am EDT
in the wake of that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. we're told late last night crews found the bodies of four miners still missing since last week's explosion. 29 miners in all were killed at the upper big branch mine. a team of investigators due to arrive monday. >>> president owe ma preparing for what could be his next big legislative battle. overhauling the nation's financial regulation system. one white house officials already billing it as decision to, quote, stand with the american people or stand on the side of the status quo, end quote. the president meeting with members of congress from both parties this week. the house already passed big parts of his plan but the senate has not acted yet. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell signaling there could be some common ground, but are we likely to see another fierce political battle like we did with the health care fight? julie cuts live in washington. >> the president has called for that bipartisan meeting but obama administration officials said this week they will fight efforts weakenment measure to overhaul the company's financ
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)